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Welcome to Avarice!

The land of Avarice is shrouded in mystery. This abandoned 
fortress is home to strange dungeons occupied by dangerous 
enemies! But beware as many brave adventurers have perished 
in pursuit of long forgotten riches. Those who succumb to the 
dungeons lose all of their items and half of their collected gold!

This game was created during the Autumn 2019 semester
at The Ohio State University. It is part of the capstone design
program of the Computer Science & Engineering department. 
We appreciate you taking the time to check out our game!

Dungeons are randomly generated each time you play. With a
multitude of weapons, magic abilities, and enemies to fight,
Dungeons of Avarice is an endlessly replayable experience.

In Dungeons of Avarice, you can play alone or with a friend. 
All you have to do is plug in two controllers. The game supports
keyboard and mouse for single-player. For multiplayer, you can
use PlayStation 4 controllers, Xbox 360 controllers, or Xbox One
controllers. You can view the controls by pausing the game at any
time and viewing them in the settings.

Good luck adventuring!

Poly-Goners team members are:

Anthony Bartholomew:    bartholomew.122@osu.edu

Sitao Chen:   chen.6980@osu.edu

Kyle Lambert:    lambert.448@osu.edu

Jessica Moyer:    moyer.247@osu.edu


Dungeons of Avarice 189 MB

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